Among the announcements at Google I/O 2011, aside from Honeycomb 3.1 we saw the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich. This Android iteration will come towards the end of the year, unifying all Android gadgets under a single umbrella. Google Product Manager Hugo Barra goes as far as saying that this is the most ambitious release yet, as far as this mobile OS is concerned.

Thanks to it, we’ll see Android devices such as phones, tablets and even TVs tied in together through a single ecosystem. Another plus is the fact that Android Ice Cream Sandwich brings Honeycomb UI to Android handsets, so good news for those of you with powerful smartphones, in search of a new generation of interface.

Google also promised to bring new APIs and tools for developers with this new release. During the I/O keynote we saw some interesting features such a new OpenGL engine, face tracking and auto panning via voice detection. This is a mere preview of what the Ice Cream Sandwich will be able to do…

  • The Android platform is going to explode no matter what happens.. I
    mean, it already has. It’ll just continue to get bigger because of the
    many options users are given. It’ll be a few years I believe before it
    starts losing steam. Google’s foothold is too strong..