MSNBC has an interesting piece concerning the Android Marketplace, possibly the Apple App Store’s biggest rival right now. Apparently, the Android store has recently reached 38,000 apps, but are they as good as the ones offered by the Cupertino giant?

We have to mention that the Android Market doesn’t use restrictions, so any app can get approved, even if it’s a ringtone or a simple website tweaked and turned into a piece of software. This can be considered “cheating”, since wallpapers, ringtones and RSS feeds are not applications, but still they boost the number of Android apps, just for show.

How can a wallpaper compare to a very useful app, like Locale, for example? Meanwhile, the iPhone hit 100,000 app mark last November, but these pieces of software go through a tough process of approval from Apple, as even Google and Opera Software found out. Gaining 9,000 new apps in a month is great for Android, but what about trash software?


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