Several pictures of a mysterious Android MID have recently surfaced on the web, thanks to anonymous Pocketables tipsters that made people’s imagination go wild. A couple of days later, the device was seemingly identified by Song Jiang, writer, who claims that this is in fact SMiT Android MID-560, a MID made in China.


However, the author of the first leaked images is sure that the devices are different, but let’s have a look at the SMiT product specs, just to be sure. Boy are these features impressive or what? Turns out that the Android MID packs a 5 inch TFT touchscreen with a 800 x 480 pixels resolution, Android 1.5 OS, GPS, WiFi, Mobile TV and Google Android Market support.

There’s also a 533 MHz/667 MHz Samsung ARM11 SC3640 CPU on board, Chrome Lite, GMail, an audio/video player, E-Books, games and more. What do you say? Totally fake, Photoshop or real deal?



[via Phandroid]