Admob recently published one of its very interesting reports, showing that Android has been having a great time over the past year. Their study details mobile Internet traffic segmentation and growth for 3 main categories of devices: feature phones, smartphones and MIDs.


Surprisingly enough MIDs got the largest growth, as a category, possibly because of their limited use and the fact that they only recently became a product category. Android is what you might want to pay attention to in this study, since we were pretty surprised to find out that it went from a 2% market share in February 2009 to 24%, in February 2010.

Phandroid’s calculations show that this is a 1100% growth, which is incredible for any platform. Internationally, the top 5 Android devices, by traffic are:

1. Motorola Droid
2. HTC Dream
3. HTC Hero
4. HTC Magic
5. Motorola CLIQ

Of course, the iPhone remains dominant, but strangely enough Android didn’t steal any bit from its market share. Google and Apple are in “joint dominance”, as far as mobile Internet traffic is concerned, meaning that their rivals have a long way to go, before reaching their success. We wonder how this study will look in March 2011…

[via Phandroid]

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