After exchanging a couple of blows through their lawyers, Apple and Samsung decided to resort to more peaceful methods to solve their issues. It was only a couple of days ago that Apple was accusing Samsung of copying their design on no less than 25 devices.


The conflict started in April, when the Cupertino giant claimed that Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartphones and tablets infringes patents and trademarks. Strangely enough, the two sides of this dispute are partners, with Apple being Samsung’s second largest customers in 2010, after Sony. The US company brought $5.7 billion to the Asian one last year alone.

It all resulted into a hearing that went down on Friday in a San Jose, California court, presided by US District Judge Lucy Koh. The later said funny things such as “can’t we all just get along here?” and “I will send you with box of chocolates, whatever”. Next, the companies’ high ranking officials actually listened to the judge and got together for a talk on these matters. And now we wait for the results…

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