Flexible displays are a big deal nowadays and every tech show seems to include a gadget or two with this technology. We saw Samsung with some at MWC, LG as well and Sharp is supposedly working on something similar. While LG is said to be ready to mass produce such screens, Apple is now also rumored to involve this technology in one of their future iPhones.



A recent job listing shows that Apple is searching for an expert in the field of flexible displays. The ad claims that Apple Inc is looking for a Display Specialist to “lead the investigation on emerging display technologies such as high optical efficiency LCD, AMOLED and flexible display”. The listing was removed pretty fast after the tech websites got a hold of it. Luckily, the screengrabs are here to confirm it.

Apple has numerous patents on flexible displays and the latest ones refer to a device that changes states as users bend it. We have no idea how far along Apple has gone with this invention, but something big is brewing in its research labs. However, there’s still a need for that special expert to include in the team…

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