Apple has recently recruited Benjamin Vigier among its employees and if this name doesn’t ring any bells, know that the man has been working in the NFC (near field communication) technology development since 2004. His expertise was employed during his time at mobile payments specialists mFoundry.


Now, while at Apple, Benjamin will assume the position of product manager for mobile commerce. Vigier’s background includes working with NFC technology both for French carrier Bouygues Telecom and flash memory maker Sandisk. This new addition to the Apple team makes perfect sense, considering the recent NFC-related patents published by the Cupertino giant.

Among them we found an NFC-based mobile payments service, patents for “iPay, iBuy and iCoupons”, marketing and promotion applications, airline ticketing solutions, an NFC-supporting iPod, sports/concert ticketing app and many more. Looking forward to see Mr. Vigier’s work in action in the following months.

[via nearfieldcommunicationsworld]

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