Apple has a patent dating from back in 2012 that has been given to the company these days and it may interest you a lot. It regards location based security and a specialized system for mobile devices. This means in the future your iPhone may not require your password when you’re at home, for example.



This is basically an official document that details a location based security system for the iPhone. The filing describes the way that a system tweaks interface elements and device settings depending on the user’s location. This basically means that a person with iOS devices could trigger multiple layers of security for different areas. At home you can set your iPhone and iPad to unlock without passwords, while anywhere else they could work with a 4 digit passcode only.

You may also set up the iPhone 5s to ask for Touch ID authentication anywhere outside the office and home. Special security settings based on locations will also be applied to specific applications. Apple devices will be able to determine the location via cell tower data, WiFi networks, GPS data or proximity to other iOS devices. The filing states that the location detection requires two means of tracking to ensure accuracy.  After seeing how easily Touch ID is to hack and Safari, too, I guess some extra security won’t hurt.


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