BGR has some inside knowledge related to the next generation of iPhone. It appears that the handset will sport a completely redesigned look and it will debut in the fall of next year. This followed the trend started by the iPhone 4S that changed the mid-year debuts of the iPhones, that we were used to.


The report about the new Apple phone says that the fresh iOS unit will use an aluminum back panel instead of the glass one found on the iPhone 4 and the 4S unit. This new design will incorporate a rubber or plastic bezel covering area that’s similar to the system used by the Apple iPhone bumpers. This cover protects the phone’s antennas from direct skin contact. It appears that the new iPhone has a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the handset, which requires this plastic/rubber solution instead of the large plastic insert on the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G.

BGR didn’t always get its info right, so I can’t guarantee that the iPhone 4S follow up will actually use such a bezel. It certainly sounds like a good idea and something that Apple would do, but I’m more interested in what CPU will be available on the 2012 Apple handset and what screen it’ll come with.

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