Apple has recently reported a 47% increase in profit for Q4, an amazing feat even for the most experienced brains on Wall Street. Meanwhile, Nokia reported its first quarterly loss ever, since 1996, when they started reporting and Sony Ericsson is not doing that well, either.



Of course, Apple capitalized greatly on its hot iPhone, new iPods, the MacBooks plus that hugely successful App Store. The official report shows an income of 9.87 billion dollars, of which 1.67 billion were the profit. If you want more stunning figures, Apple claims that it has sold 7.4 million iPhones in this quarter alone and the total number for 2009 could even reach 20 million units.

The figures become even more surprising, if you consider the fact that in 2009, the overall handset sales have decreased 7%, when compared to 2008. It seems that the US is ready to overcome depression, if we look at the reports provided by IBM, Google and Apple, who can support the economic growth by themselves.

[via businesweek]

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