Big company lawsuits are back, this time with Apple in the spotlight, suing Samsung for copying the look and feel of the iPad and iPhone, according to the Wall Street Journal. The item in question is the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, that’s shown below in a design and size comparison with the iPad.


There resemblance with the iPhone 3G and 3GS models is pretty clear and other handsets also blamed for coyping the Apple phones are the Epic 4G, Nexus S and the Galaxy Tab, when it comes to iPad “Clones”. Apple also says that Samsung chose to copy the technology of its gadgets, their innovative style and interface.

The lawsuit was made official in the Northern District of California and the Cupertino giant wants damages and punishment for the Asian company. This till probably end with yet another round of licensing and paying for patents, but we’ll have to see if Samsung complies… What’s interesting is that Apple and Samsung are also partners, with the iPhone using flash memory made by the sued company.

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