Apple is the latest of companies targeted by a hacker attack, that resulted in some usernames and passwords for an Apple server being posted online. The precious data was included in a document that on Sunday reached the interwebs.

“AntiSec” is a hacking campaign that includes hackers from the online vigilante group Anonymous and hackers from the deceased Lulz Security. They are responsible for this attack, that provided crucial details about an Apple server, plus 26 administrative usernames and passwords. Hackers issued a statement on Twitter, saying that they found a security flaw in the Cupertino giant’s software and other companies as well.

The hackers ended by saying that they’re busy “elsewhere”, meaning that they’ll leave Apple alone for now. Meanwhile, the iPhone maker didn’t comment on the matter, but I bet that security measures are in place right now, in order for Apple not to suffer the fate of Sony. We remind you that Sony, as well as AT&T had precious information about their customers stolen as part of a hacking campaign 2 months ago.

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