Although we’d have been more shocked if an iPhone 5 prototype was spotted on eBay, an iPhone 4 early unit will have to do for now. This is nothing unusual, since every year we hear similar stories, of some iPhone prototype reaching eBay or some other online retailer or bidding service.


This is the first iPhone 4 prototype on Ebay, that comes with a DF1692 label in the lower right, it lacks volume button markers and gets a mystery XXGB label at the back. Sadly, you can’t activate this unit via iTunes and the price is quite huge at the moment. While initially it had reached the value of $810, now the device sits at over $100,000.

I have a hard time believing that the bidder is actually going to pay that much for a mere incomplete iPhone 4, but hey, who am I to judge collectors? I wonder who’s selling it, though…

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