Samsung Galaxy S sold over 10 million units last year, but its follow-up may break down that record. It’s on the right track certainly, since the Galaxy S II managed to sell 3 million units already in a mere 55 days since its debut.


This is a very good smartphone actually, in spite of Apple’s recent accusations about it copying the iPhone. The Galaxy S II offers both the power of the dual core CPU, the slim design (8.5mm thick), a powerful camera and great looks. What more could you want? Selling 50,000 units a day is certainly an achievement for Samsung and for Google, that will make Android even more popular thanks to this product.

What do you say? Will Samsung break down the 10 mil record of Galaxy S units with the new model? There’s also that Galaxy Z unit for the mid range fans and a supposed 1.4GHz upgraded Galaxy S II coming later on…

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