Windows Phone 7 has managed to get some serious recognition at the International Design Excellence Awards, achieving no less than three awards. The prizes were handed out by The Industrial Designers Society of America, that brought gold for WP7 in the Interactive Product Experiences category.


Microsoft’s mobile OS also achieved silver in the Research category and bronze in Design Strategy. I have to say, that while some people believed that this platform will never take off, I had confidence in Metro UI and its evolution. And now, with Nokia by its side, Microsoft will certainly make it big.

The same Redmond giant had some other products as nominees, such the Xbox 360 250GB version and the Kinect. Beats by Dr. Dre were also in these awards. Now let’s see what Windows 8 will be about, as I have a feeling that it will make the iPad tremble a bit in the table segment…

Full prize list here.

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