Imagine a  Samsung Galaxy S II version with Windows Phone 7 on board… Done? When you’re ready with imagination let’s get back to the real world and check out the latest info coming from Bluetooth SIG. They’ve published some info about a new handset made by Samsung and apparently running WP7.


While Samsung Focus, one of the first Windows Phone units was a pretty loved device, there’s always room for an upgrade. Focus was also known as the SGH-i917 model, while the Galaxy S II was the SGH-i927 and now the SGH-i937 appeared at the Bluetooth SIG. What’s interesting is that this new model has the same Bluetooth profile as the Mango Windows Phone 7 stack.

Also, the handset appeared on a list of Windows Phone 7 handsets that run the games from the Occasion Gamers. With a dual core CPU and 8.5mm case on the Galaxy S II and the appeal of Samsung Focus, this new smartphone would rock.

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