ASUS finally created a phone, after so much waiting, but sadly it’s not a cellphone, but rather an office device, meant to be used for business purposes more likely than for normal consumers. The folks of have had the chance to play with the ASUS Eee Phone Touch (AiGuru SV1T) and the video below shows its main features:


Social networking is also on board, the ability to video chat, take snapshots and Skype are also demoed and all in all the device looks decent. It might be a tad big, but it runs on batteries, so it’s portable enough and it packs a couple of useful ports, like the USB one, microphone and headphone jack.

Expect the product to ship in mid-September for 229 EURO and we have to mention that we really like the simple interface and the ability to use both the touchscreen and few buttons on the front side.

[via netbooknews]

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