While Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile have already launched HTC Touch Pro 2, AT&T is falling a bit (more) behind and launching the model as AT&T Tilt 2 on October 18th. The reason is simple and easy to understand: Windows Mobile 6.5.


AT&T wants to ride the WM 6.5 popularity wave, set in motion on October 6, as many handsets using the OS go live on this date all across the world. Also, many models will get updated to this version of the OS and there even was a rumour about the first Samsung Omnia available for such an update.

Don’t take October 18th for granted, as AT&T might change it, if bugs surface or the supplies can’t take the heat.

[via mobilecrunch]

  • cliffy44

    I can get you (and that means anyone) an HTC Touch Pro 2 (GSM – AT&T Tilt 2) for $250.00. There's also a $25.00 S&H charge; as that's the freight that I am charged.

    Check out this generic HTC web site, with details on the HTC Touch Pro 2

    (Un-locked AT&T Tilt 2) handset.


    The web site references to a different price. I can get you one for $250 + $25.00 S&H (no rebate – no contract – The handset & all of the standard included HTC “In The Box” accessories.

    And, I can get you one for the same price in CDMA; if someone's opted not to go with AT&T.

    Visa / MasterCard / Amex / Discover accepted after 10/5/09

    Cliff Wild – The Cellular Seller
    [email protected]

  • juandiegomontoya

    oh fuck me , sex with this phone all day

  • juandiegomontoya

    oh fuck me , sex with this phone all day

  • jayeshrode

    Hi, Is HTC Tilt 2 available in India, if yes where can i get it and for how much ?



  • Frieza_4d7

    hi ……..can u plz say where htc tilt2 is available in india n its cost