Rumors about Sprint’s release of the HTC EVO 4G LTE on June 2nd have been going on for the past days. Well, now there’s a leaked email out there, proving that the info was real and also involving retailer Best Buy. The handset should have debuted earlier, but it was held up at the US border, because of a patent beef. HTC One X for AT&T was also held up…


Back to the leak, an internal email revealed that starting tomorrow Best Buy will be selling the HTC EVO 4G LTE. The retailer started receiving units on Thursday, but preorders and regular sales will only debut on Saturday, June 2nd, matching the Sprint release. Pre-orders will also be accepted on June 1st, that’s today. However, there appears to be a loophole, allowing some people who had previous preorders to get their unit of the EVO 4G LTE earlier, meaning that they got it yesterday!

Any of our readers lucky enough to snatch the phone so early? Let me remind you that I’m talking about a 4.7 inch 720p smartphone here, with a Super IPS LCD2 screen, HTC Sense 4.0, 8MP camera at the back, Android 4.0.3 on board and dual core Snapdragon S4 processor at 1.5GHz.

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