@evleaks has been active over the past week and these past 24 hours he has posted info about upcoming BlackBerry devices with Android on board. He claims that BlackBerry Venice is coming to AT&T later this year and then he posted the picture below.


It shows a model that’s probably not the Venice, since it’s not a slider. This handset resembles the Passport a bit, seeing how it’s quite wide and its physical QWERTY keyboard is a bit similar. Above the keyboard we spot the screen, that shows Android Lollipop virtual buttons, as well as another piece of the keyboard, with symbols, once again Android material.

The unusual aspect ratio of the Passport is present here as well, so this may well be the BlackBerry Passport 2. With two Android phones coming, it would be safe to say that BB OS is toast right now and the fact that it allowed sideloading APKs was a sign of things to come. Will we see another BB OS smartphone ever?

via phandroid