You must have certainly heard of CAT, the manufacturer that offers a wide range of products, from sportswear to construction machines. Though it is not the first attempt of this kind, CAT has shown it too can get into the mobile devices market and with a good level of enthusiasm you can achieve anything.


Without high demands in terms of the hardware configuration, CAT was present at MWC the mobile smartphone codenamed B15- oriented for high resistance to shock, water, dust and any other disaster that could irretrievably damage the device. The device´s construction is very robust and rather reminds of a tank and it weights as one. This is the one to have when you feel like smashing the phone in anger.


Inside the CAT B15 there lies an ARM Cortex A9 processor, clocked at 1 GHz and with 512 MB ​​RAM. Sure, what the smartphone fails to offer in terms of performance, provides when it comes to its endurance. Interestingly, it offers Android Jelly Bean outof the box, which other manufacturers have forgotten to implement, though some arre veterans in the field. The smartphone will cost somewhere around € 300 Euros, pretty good for what it´s providing: