This might just be the most interesting jailbreak-related video ever. In fact, we’re dealing with a pair of videos that detail the work of Jay Freeman aka Saurik, one of the creators of Cydia and one of the first iPhone jailbreakers. He also talks about the performance of Geohot, the famous 17 year old iPhone unlocker and comet, a fresh face in the biz, working on the iPhone 4 jailbreak:


From Saurik we learn that his initial purpose was porting Java on the iPhone and that his work on developing software for the handset began long before Apple launched its App Store and allowed developers to create apps for the handset. The first jailbreak took place in 2007, a month after the first iPhone’s release and we learn that Unix also played a major part in this story.

As far as Geohot is concerned, the 17 year old kid back then was disappointed to see that his first iPhone didn’t connect to T-Mobile, so he took the phone apart and connected the pieces to all sorts of expensive gadgetry. He kept on testing, till he came up with an unlock solution. The same videos included in this article talk about Saurik’s video recording app, Springboard, Winterboard and Cydia.

Also, it’s mentioned that you can reverse the jailbreak process with ease through a simple restore operation. You’ll find more info in the video above and the one below.

[via iphoneforum]

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