Android users just got lucky, as they’ve received Firefox 4 on their devices, courtesy of Mozilla. If you want tabbed browsing, tons of add-ons and extensions and the promise of three times the speed of the standard Android browser, Firefox 4 is the choice for you.


You can sync your handset with your desktop, via Firefox Sync, getting the tabs and content from the PC straight to the phone. This means that you’ll pick up where you left off (browsing-wise), once you are on the go. This version of Firefox is also available on Maemo and it comes with a streamlined interface, one touch bookmarking and the famous Awesome Screen.

The user can capture websites he likes and save them to PDF, for later viewing and this is only one of the many useful features of the new browser. Others include page sharing (via Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader), search engine list customization and secure syncing. Hit Android Market and look for Mozilla’s freshest product.

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