Since we have a HTC Incredible S unit right here for testing purposes, we thought to give the just released Firefox 4 for Android a review. The browser is incredible to say the least and we took full advantage of its power and speed, as shown in the video review below. Mozilla claims that this new browser is 3 times faster than the standard Android one. Let’s see…


We downloaded the software from Android Market and we have to mention that there’s also a version for Maemo devices out there. It’s really nice that they thought to provide the user with a “Save to PDF” feature in Firefox 4, so you can view your saved web pages in PDF format later, when maybe you’ll be offline.

Also, you now only need to swipe to the left or right to access the tabs and navigation options, as shown in the video review. This is a very cool way of viewing tabs, to be honest. The browser also supports page sharing via social networking services, email and more, plus its awesome bar will be ready to disappear once you scroll to the bottom of the page, so you’ll be left with the full screen for visualization.

You can customize your search engine list and another feature we loved was Firefox Sync. This one allows you use the same info, passwords and open tabs from other devices. For example, if you’re on the PC, you’re browsing and you have to leave to work, you can continue browsing where you left off by using the Sync feature on your phone. Cool, right?

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