Google has just launched another service that aims at rivaling Facebook. This one it’s a +1 button button we’re talking about, that will appear alongside Google search results. This option debuted yesterday and it allows users to recommend certain search results to their friends and contacts.


Just press the “+1” button and you’ll have your friends trusting the results already seen by you. This will probably change the ranking of search results once more, bringing a more transparent approach to their order, after Google received criticism concerning the way they display and order results.

This time the users will objectively order these results, but this comes with the risk of bashing certain people and their articles, or pushing to fame websites that don’t deserve it through artificial +1 votes. Also, as a commenter on the presentation video below said, such situations as a teen finding his parents giving +1 to adult-related searches might appear…

You can find more about the +1 button here and keep in mind that Google failed last time it challenged Facebook to a dual, via the Buzz service. Will it fail again?

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