Anyone heard about Greg Packer? The man was the first in line for the iPhone launch and now he’s the first to wait for the Apple iPad launch, taking place tomorrow, on April 3rd. He’s been interviewed recently and shown in the following video:


This is the man that’s defined by the word “fanboy” and some call such people “mactards”, “Apple fanatics” and whatnot. Remember when the Apple iPhone was called “the Jesus Phone”, till it got so bothersome for religious people? This is the effect that the Cupertino giant has on people… it’s a mania, a hobby, a passion and a brand that defines people.

We’re not judging, saying that it’s right or wrong, but is the iPad worth the wait in front of the store. It’s a bigger iPod touch after all and even Greg Packer seems to define it as “some laptop”, although he doesn’t seem too sure of what he’s talking about. Will we see him at the iPhone HD launch as well?

[via iPhone Forum]

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