Apple has improved the design of the new release iPhone 5 giving it an all metal feel and getting rid of the glass on the back that caused many durability issues. Meanwhile Samsung has chosen an improved form of plastic, polycarbonate to be exact, for their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. How will they fare against each other in a drop test? Read and find out.



Android Authority is the first willing to settle the debate of which of the two Apple and Samsung flagship devices can better withstand a drop (or a few). There is no doubt that Apple wanted to make a more sturdy device, capable of handling most accidents, while the previous iPhone gen also was pretty tough except the glass on the back. Samsung chose plastic (as the often do) as the main element for flagship smartphone for keeping thee weight (and price) at a good level.

After a very thorough drop test between the two, it seems that Apple was inspired with the design of the iPhone 5, and the device came out very well after the drop test, with the aluminium casing and display intact. For Samsung however things don’t look so good. The Galaxy S III lost its back cover and suffered damage to the casing and the front glass. Bellow the video to sort things out:

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