Yes, folks the Google Android phone is not as safe as it seems, or so says Charles A. Miller, security researcher, who claims that the device’s flaws can be exploited by attackers. Miller worked for the NSA, so he surely knows what he’s saying and he also mentioned that G1 users might be tricked into in visiting booby-trapped sites.


Basically the risk is found in the Web browser partition of the G1 and A. Miller uses a pretty simple example: an intruder will take advantage of the flaw and install a piece of software that captures all of the user’s keystrokes. What does this mean? Password and personal information theft.

In case you don’t trust this security expert, you might want to know that he got $10.000 and a MacBook Air laptop after exploiting a vulnerability in Apple’s Safari, during a security challenge.

This piece of news and the fact that we found it out spells trouble for Google, who knew about the problem and asked for more time before it was publicly revealed in order to try and solve it. Miller broke the silence and let the cat out the bag, much to Google’s disadvantage, but the user has the right to know… or not?

[via New York Times]

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