On Wednesday Google launched a friend-tracking add-on for Google Maps, the new service that is known as Latitude. The app is available for Windows Mobile devices at this address (from your mobile browser) and there’s a neat tutorial video below, if you need more details:


Google Latitude allows its user to find Gmail contacts on the map with the aid of cell tower triangulation. You’ll only find your friends on the map, if they enabled this feature and allow you to view their location, but there’s still the risk of privacy breaching, once hackers or jealous lovers enable the function without the permission of the original user.

Latitude also packs a status update-like feature, so your friends will be able to “tell you” what they’re doing while going around the map. The app also has social networking features, like being able to contact friends directly from the map, so Google is moving into yet another profitable territory.

[via wmpoweruser]

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