We’ve finally got more info on “project SkyBox”, a code name that stands for the My Phone backup and sync service, that was promoted by a website launched accidentally by Microsoft on Friday. After taking the site down, Microsoft decided to restore it and post more info on the new service.



Turns out that the My Phone beta will be available as an invite-only at Mobile World Congress 2009, in Barcelona. My Phone users will be able to back up their contacts, calendar, appointments, text messages, photos and share them with others. Also, the info will be updated by using a PC and a web-based interface.

The stored data will be used to restore the info on a certain handset and Microsoft will give each user 200 MB of storage space for free. However, keep in mind that only WM 6 (and later) devices will be compatible with the service. My Phone is also able to sync Windows Live contacts on your phone, but it won’t sync contacts, e-mail messages or to-do tasks with an Exchange mail server.

Would you pick My Phone, that’s available for free, or Apple’s MobileMe, available for $99 a year and offering 20 GB of storage space plus e-mail, contact and tasks sync?

[via computerworld]

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