We knew that Samsung was working with Google on a brand new Android phone, but is this device the long-awaited Nexus Two? It appears that the event Samsung scheduled for November 8th is actually unrelated to the Nexus Two and it’s simply an occasion to launch a new Android phone.


Rumors claim that the Nexus Two could debut with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, on November 11th, but even that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Right now, a bunch of hardware issues are about to delay the product, according to the latest info posted online. The new Google Phone has the advantage of running a clean version of Android, an install that many would enjoy, without customizations.

It wouldn’t be crippled by extra software layers and other features implemented by operators. What’s really strange right now is that we have no idea what Samsung will be launching on November 8… Maybe a new Galaxy S? And what about the Nexus Two delay? How long will it take?

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