The rumor of the day is certainly the fact that Google Nexus One might get a follow-up in 2010. The supposed Google Nexus Two is supposed to debut in the UK in time for the holidays, as a Carphone Warehouse exclusive, according to City AM. No release has been mentioned for the US market, which leads us to believe that Europeans will be favored.


Launching Nexus Two with Android 3.0 would also be a smart move, pushing the platform to popularity early on. Also, a Carphone Warehouse partnership may show that Google wants to once again dodge carrier cooperation and sell the device unlocked, maybe directly online. This didn’t quite work out with the first Nexus One, to be honest…

At least Carphone Warehouse is on board this time and we sure wish we had some specs or images to show you, but for now everything is a rumor. As far as the handset’s hardware maker is concerned, the product will be Samsung or HTC material, but maybe Google will go on the cheap side and work with Huawei or ZTE.

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