Google Project Glass has been talked about a lot over the past month and insiders continue to say we’ll actually have a real product by the end of the year. Well, now Google made sure that the product won’t be accompanied by controversy, so they patented the technology behind it.


Google received no less than 4 patents for this invention. They came from USPTO and are all related to Google Glass, so the Mountain View giant can claim ownership of the design of the right side of the device, the one with the camera that drops down over the eye. That’s also the area with the main electronic components. Google also patented a nose pad sensor that relies on technology that identifies when the user’s nose is in contact with it. Another patent addresses the display showing range and direction of ambient sounds.

And finally, the search engine giant patented the use of each eye piece as a separate display. The illustration of the patent demoes a map in one eye and navigation in the other. There are other parts that make out the Google Glass, but this is merely the beginning and we’re far from the complete product.

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