Although right now if you’re using a device in China some of the Google services are blocked or censored, it appears that Google is trying to leave that behind and get closer to the Chinese market. Rumors are saying that Google Play Store is ready to return to this country.



Google left the most populous nation in the world in 2010, after not coming to terms with the authorities in regards with the censorship. The search engine giant must have realized that if Apple can make it work locally, so can they. Apple did manage to convince local developers to write apps for their store, somehow. Over the past quarter, China was the biggest market in the world, when it came to app downloads from the Apple App Store, so that’s got to count for something, right?

Google is in talks to reintroduce its app store locally, but it will take a while before it will dominate the Android application store segment. Why? Because, solutions like Qihoo360’s 360 Mobile Assistant and the Baidu app store are very popular locally. It’s also a problem that some Google services are banned in this country right now, like Gmail and Google Maps.

Will the big G make it?

via digitaltrends

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