In a very strange turn of events, HTC Romania admitted today on Twitter that they simply can’t bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire, as informs us. The news came from HTC’s Twitter and Facebook pages and the company apologized and amazed us all with its lack of resources.


It’s a known fact that developers such as those from the XDA community have already done port jobs and created custom ROMS with everything you need on HTC Desire, Android 2.3 included. But now, HTC comes forward and says that its engineers have been working intensively over the past months, trying to provide the official Gingerbread + Sense experience, but to no avail…

Insufficient memory was also mentioned, this meaning that the 576MB RAM and 512MB of RAM aren’t enough for the Sense UI and Android 2.3… Well, if hackers can do it, why can’t HTC? There’s got to a more powerful reason than this… maybe the need to sell new Gingerbread smartphones?

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