We’ve heard that INQ were pretty tight with the initiative of developing Facebook phones, but now HTC also popped up as one of the companies that could do this. The Taiwanese phone makers is supposed to have partnered with the social networking giant in order to release two Facebook-branded handsets, that could be introduced at MWC 2011.


Considering the integration of social networking on most of the new devices (tablets, smartphones, even media players), making a Facebook phone seems like a logical move. However, Zuckerberg claimed at some point that he wants to keep Facebook a service and won’t venture into the hardware business although he does have the funds.

However, he doesn’t even need to get involved, as HTC could just make a regular Android phone, slap the Facebook logo on its back and make a special socializing button and that’s it. Widgets will do the rest and everyone will be happy, while profits pour in.

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