Since it’s the end of the year, by now we have already figured out what each carrier will be launching at Christmas time. There are a couple of surprises left up the mobile operators’ sleeves, like this HTC Fireball model, uncovered in the Verizon systems, with 4G LTE connectivity.


Verizon is supposed to debut this model next year and we have no idea that to expect from this smatphone. Well, I wouldn’t exactly assume it’s a phone, since it could still be a tablet. The date shown in the pic above is not a lunch date, so don’t be happy, since it’s the date when the device was added to the Verizon system. The model codename, ADR6410L places the handset between the HTC Rezound and the HTC Thunderbolt model, so it maybe sort of a mid to high end smartphone.

It could be that we’re analyzing this the wrong way and this is in fact that coveted first quad core smartphone from HTC, a model that we’re expecting to see both at CES 2012 and MWC 2012. We’ve heard names such as HTC Edge thrown around and some interesting designs with sharp edges and 720p displays, but I guess that we’ll have to wait till 2012 to get some real shots.

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