The folks of Coolsmartphne have managed to get hold of a HTC HD Mini unit, that can be considered a tinier HTC HD2. The Mini gets compared to the HD2 in the following video and also it’s detailed and analysed by its reviewers:


Comparing the two models, we learn that HTC HD2 is 17mm taller than HD Mini, but also 10mm wider. As far as thickness is concerned, HD2 is thinner, by 0.7mm, but this smartphone is 47 grams heavier than its compact successor. The hardware differences are clear, with the HD Mini replacing its predecessor’s 1GHz CPU with a 600 MHz one.

RAM memory has also decreased from 576MB to 384, while the ROM stays the same, 512MB. HTC HD2 packs a 4.3 inch touch display, while HD Mini settles with a 3.2 inch one, supporting a 480 x 320 pixel resolution, as opposed to the 800 x 480 pixels supported by HD2. Both devices feature 5 megapixel cameras, but the one on the newer phone doesn’t come with a flash.

More details can be found in the video above.

[via wmpoweruser]

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