As mentioned before, HTC’s on a leaking spree and it involves a bunch of new handsets, in case you’re wondering. After seeing a very interesting 1.2 GHz dual core smartphone prototype, we have some info concerning no less than 4 new HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets: HTC PD26100, HTC PC40100, HTC PC40200 and HTC PD67100.


The base model is HTC PC40100, confirmed to run WP7 by its Bluetooth profile. We learn that this handset is part of the HTC PD26 series, that includes the HTC PD26100, HTC PC40100, HTC PC40200 and HTC PD67100 models. All of them support WiFi 802.11n connectivity and this is pretty much where the info stops.

Could it be that all these models are in fact versions of the same smartphone, but meant for different carriers?

[via wmpoweruser]

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