HTC’s One model is definitely a hit, as confirmed by reviews, orders and analyst predictions, so now it’s time to capitalize on that model and make… a mini version. That’s exactly what the M4 may prove to be in the end, when it launches.


We’ve been hearing about the HTC M4 even back when HTC One was known as the M7. Recent leaks have shown that the design will be greatly similar for the two models, as proved by the picture above. It appears that HTC M4 will be to the One what Galaxy S III Mini is to the Galaxy S III. The device is expected to pack a 4.3 inch 720p display, much of the design of the One, but different speakers. It will also feature a dual core CPU, 16 GB of storage and even an Ultrapixel camera.

HTC has opted for a 1700 mAh battery here and the M4 will ship in LTE versions, with Android 4.2 on board. No idea when this model will be launching, but considering rumors about it date from 3 months ago, it would be time for a teaser at least…