With the mobile technology evolving at the fastest rates the predictions for the near future state that it is obvious smartphones will become the main replacement for all our gadgets. That includes the dedicated PMP, voice guided GPS solution and even in the imaging department – digital cameras.



One very interesting piece of technology from the last year or so is the Lytro camera. The device is capable of multi point focusing and taking a shot that is later split into up to 8 images, each with its own focal point. This is done with the help of no more than 8 optical f/2.0 enhanced lenses of the best quality.

It would seem that Nokia is now thinking of the future of its camera modules inside the Lumia devices as it and its growth partner – Qualcomm have decided to invest no more than $20 million in the Pelican Imaging technology. It is expected that with the added enhancements to the software and optics that Nokia is well known for, a new type of smartphone cameras will emerge in the not so distant future.

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