Well, there are two pieces of news here: one, HTC is preparing another high end device with a Quad HD display and the second @evleaks may be back in one form or another. A weibo account under his name came up and apparently it has been rented somehow to another person by Evan Blass himself.

evleaks ressurect

In the meantime, the handset that’s the topic of the leak is expected to be named HTC M8 Life, at least as a preliminary codename. We’re dealing with a 5.5 inch Quad HD phablet with a Snapdragon 805 processor and HTC Sense 6.5 on top of Android. The product is said to come via China Unicom and China Telecom and it’s rumored to be released in November.

Other specs weren’t mentioned, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get 3 GB of RAM, at least 32 GB of storage and LTE. With a bit of luck, this may end up being an Android L release and while the camera is a mystery, there are two ways to go here: Duo Camera or a 13/16 megapixel shooter with 4K video capture. Does this leak sound realistic to you?

via ithome.com

  • nathan carter

    Theres the real nexus. or its older bro. I’m expecting Tegra in upcoming htc devices.

  • Jason Crumbley

    Tegra sucks. Seriously, they do. They do not play nice with open source.

  • I agree with you! I have a Xiaomi MiPad with Tegra K1, and I have issues when I try to run some apps. Teamwiever is one of them (compatibility problems).

  • nathan carter

    agreed. but this could be solved after years of development.

  • Chazz Matthews

    Forget the Tegra and put in Snapdragon 808/810 and there’s the Nexus smartphone.

  • nathan carter

    Tegra is going to be in the nexus tablet. If they’ve improved it enough to work in a tablet, they’ve probably been working on the version for the phone as well.