A huge leak happened last week, revealing not only the HTC Ocean concept phone courtesy of its designer, but also a pair of revolutionary technologies that HTC plans to be using on future devices. Now we learn that HTC Ocean will come in 3 versions, dubbed Ocean Master, Ocean Note and Ocean Smart.


The info arrives via a tweet from @LlaTooFeR and seems to imply we’re about to witness the debut of a family of devices. Ocean Master could end up being the flagship, while Ocean Smart may be a midranger and the Ocean Note could a stylus-totting model. As shown by the leaks, the HTC Ocean models will borrow a few cues from the HTC 10’s design, they’ll come with aluminum bodies and 2.5D glass panels upfront.


The lack of physical buttons is the core here and a new type of control method called Sense Touch will be used. Basically you’ll be touching the metal frame in certain areas instead of using buttons. The handsets will track the hand and finger placement, in order to determine the type of action performed by the user, either a swipe or tap.

The lack of a visible fingerprint scanner may also mean it’s embedded in the screen. To top it all there’s also a dual back camera here. Expect a 2017 debut.


via androidheadlines

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