HTC isn’t the kind of company that can keep a secret and this is shown by the many leaks we’ve seen related to their devices. Even the HTC One was leaked extensively before its showing. Now word’s out that there’s a phablet in the making and it’s codenamed the T6.



Sounding more like a Terminator robot than a phone, this device could be associated with the recent rumored regarding a 5+ inch version of the HTC One. @evleaks also tweeted today that HTC’s phablet will adopt the T6 moniker, so even more confirmation here… The folks of HTC Soku linked the T6 name with a bunch of devices in development, each with their associated codename: cassiopeia, columba, delphinus, crater and eridanus.

For the astronomy buffs among you, these are constellations, maybe a name designed as a joke to rival Samsung’s Galaxy. We have no idea what hardware this HTC phablet will bring or if it will go with a stylus or not, but I’m sure more will be revealed in the following weeks. What do you think? Can be have a successful HTC phablet without a stylus?

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