You may think that the device shown above is actually the HTC Titan, but make no mistake, this is a newcomer going by the name HTC Radiant. This is expected to be a LTE Windows Phone handset for AT&T, that just got pictured for the first time. The Radiant was first detailed in April last year, courtesy of a list with device names trademarked by HTC.


Also, the handset appeared in app logs in August, so its existence was confirmed before. Other leaks showed Radiant as part of a trio for AT&T, that will include LTE handsets with Windows Phone and CES announcements. Nokia Lumia 900 Ace was also supposed to be part of that trio and the mystery model called Samsung Mendel. If you want to know the differences between the Titan and Radiant, know that the top of the newer handset bears a big HTC branding and there’s also an interesting front facing camera integrated there.

On the right side the buttons are shifted towards the bottom of the phone a bit, especially when it comes to volume rockers. At the back of the smartphone we spot the real novelty in design, with the unibody build suffering some changes. There’s a curve in the aluminum area above the camera and the source behind the leak claims that the device comes with a non removable battery. As far as specs go, all we can do is speculate, so here goes: 1.5GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, WVGA display like on the Titan. LTE and a battery over 1,600 mAh (since more juice is needed) are expected as well.

For now we know that this phone will come to Telstra Australia among the first carriers.

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