You must’ve heard that HTC is preparing to launch 8 new handsets in the following months… Well, one of those will most likely be the HTC Ruby model, that has been in the rumors for a while now. You can now see this unit pictured below, in a shot that proves the phone is intended for T-Mobile.


Ruby was supposed to be the phone’s codenamed for Sprint and the device was supposed to be in fact a rebranded HTC Arrive (HTC 7 Pro), that that’s not the case here. Instead we have what looks like a combo between HTC Sensation and a myTouch model, with a pretty big display that may be 4 to 4.3 inches in diagonal.

Speculations claim that this model is most likely related to the myTouch family, so it will have mid to high end specifications. Android is a pretty certain choice of OS here, considering the capacitive key below the display. The only question regards the power of the CPU inside this model… single or dual core?

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