It’s the “civil war” of mobile OSes in the USA, it seems, according to an article and analysis published recently by Huffingston Post. The findings come from mobile advertising network Jumptap, that shows the Southern and Southwestern US dwellers prefer Android, while iOS popular in Northeast and Midwest.


To reach these results, data from over 11 billion requests was used, as 83 million unique users were tracked on the Jumptap network. Android keeps leading the market, with a 38% quota of the mobile OS segment in June 2011. Meanwhile, the iOS market share has increased form 30.3% in May to 33% in June, as BlackBerry sticks to third place with 22% in June.

Apple will most likely get a boost once iOS 5 is out and its new iPhone reaches record sales once again this fall. Android seems to be seeing some sort of stagnation, as Honeycomb was met with disappointment and its flaws were criticized by experts. Back to he US OS spread, Texas is fond of Android, while Vermont is all about iOS. All this map and analysis looks very much like an election run statistics, so one can only think that Republicans like Android better than iOS and Democrats are Apple fanboys…

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