After a week filled with iPhone 5-related rumors, it’s time for Apple to feed us our dose of novelty. Thus, they’ve launched iOS 5 beta 5, available right now for developers and other people familiar with the platform. One little thing to remember before you proceed: beta 5 wants you to erase your device before installing.


Together with this update comes a new iTunes (10.5 beta 5) and Apple TV beta 4. Among the things that changed, there’s the possibility to send a photo from the camera roll straight to the Messages app, plus there’s now a camera button included in the camera roll. This way you can return to the picture taking menu after viewing a photo.

Another improvement is the fixed autocorrect algorithm and as far as bugs go, birthday calendars are not available via the website, but maybe they’ll be in the future. Also iBooks 1.2.2 seems to fail displaying text and images in some books… More info from the changelog can be found here.

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