Remember when Google bought Motorola Mobility and everyone saw this as a move directed at striking back Apple? Well, it’s starting, the patent war I mean… After Samsung and HTC took hits from the Cupertino giant in court, now they can fight back using the patents that Google achieved with the Motorola buyout.


And HTC already started retaliating by suing Apple and using 9 patents bought form Google recently. 4 of them belonged to Motorola, as predicted, while 3 came from Openwave Systems Inc, while 2 more came from Palm Inc. HTC and Apple were previously involved in legal battle over patents for various multitouch and software technologies.

HTC not only sued Apple, but also filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission, regarding the infringement of patents received from Google. We have to mention that with the buyout of Motorola, Google received tens of thousands of patents, certainly a big addition to the less than 1k patents they got this year alone. Certainly worth the $12.5 billion that Google invested in this cause, right?

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