We’ve been saying for a while now that HTC would deserve its own OS, considering the fact that the HTC Sense experience feels likely a totally unique thing, aside from the Android world. Well, they could follow the example of Samsung, that’s been successful with the Bada OS and create their own platform… or buy one.


A good candidate would be webOS, that’s been left aside by HP, or so it seems, since the PC maker has been going back and forth on its decision. Samsung is rumored to be interested in webOS, but HTC seems more suited to take it over, as the Galaxy S creator has more options on its hands. There’s always the option of joining the MeeGo bandwagon and I imagine that a MeeGo with HTC Sense would be a killer these days.

The problem with HTC is that although they deny it, they’re most likely affected by the Motorola buyout by Google, meaning that future Android hardware will be heavily based on Motorola. Also, HTC was not very happy when Nokia received some perks from Microsoft, in order to tweak WP7. Thus, they could go on their own and use the experience achieved over the past decade to create a new OS.

What do you think it’s more likely a webOS buyout or a brand new HTC OS?

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